5 Best and Cheap Auto Insurance Masters West Palm Beach

Finding the best and cheap auto insurance masters West Palm Beach can be challenging. This is because the average price of auto insurance in the region is nearly double the national average cost of auto insurance.

The average cost of auto insurance in West Palm Beach is $3,331 per year for maximum protection. It is about $278 per month. Meanwhile, it is $1,204 per year for minimum protection, which is about $100 per month. That explains why finding the best and cheap auto insurance can be challenging.

But look no further. Below are our carefully curated auto insurance companies in West Palm Beach recommended for you.

5 Best and Cheap Auto Insurance Masters West Palm Beach

Auto Insurance

The following recommendation is curated based on several factors. Although picking one of them is quite safe, some of them are the best for certain conditions and provide particular benefits.

So, rather than choosing the insurance company that comes up right away, we recommend you read these companies’ offerings. Then, you decide which one suit your condition better.


GEICO is considered the best and cheapest insurance for maximum and minimum policies and is quite popular in West Palm Beach. And this would be the perfect choice for drivers with military backgrounds as they would get the lowest rates the company will offer.

Considering the city’s annual premium for maximum coverage is $3,331, the $2,339 offering from GEICO is much more affordable. But wait until you find out the minimum coverage, which is way cheaper at $721 per year compared to the average $1,204.

Besides offering low average rates, the company offers cheap rates for high-risk drivers. They also have online and mobile apps with user-friendly navigation. The apps allow people to change their policies, pay their bills, and file claims. The company does not stop there. They offer various discounts for students and young drivers as well.

2. State Farm

State Farm is the second-cheapest of all companies of auto insurance masters West Palm Beach in the list. It offers cheaper average rates for both maximum and minimum protection. The average premium for full protection is $2,706 per year, while the minimum is $1,076. It may not sound better than GEICO, but we don’t recommend it without reason.

The company has a powerful mobile app to help you manage the policy and easy process of claim submission. The company also provides coverage for car rental and travel expenses. An interesting offering exists for drivers with offenses whom we highly recommend considering this insurance master.

3. Allstate

Although Allstate does not offer the cheapest coverage rate, its average annual premium still does not exceed the abovementioned national average cost. Its average annual cost for full coverage is $3,071, while the average annual cost for minimum coverage is $1,114.

Like State Farm, Allstate provides other coverage, including sound system insurance, umbrella insurance, and auto insurance for tourists in Mexico. And that’s not the end. Their highest customer satisfaction rating comes from the company urging local agents in all states to offer assistance. It is to make sure you have the best insurance guides.

4. Progressive

You might stop at Allstate and start reconsidering which of the previous three insurance companies you would choose, but you need to hear this. This company offers unique coverage options that you might need for custom parts, equipment value, and pet injuries.

Yes, it is expensive, and the average cost exceeds the national average, with $4,178 annually for full protection and $1,580 annually for minimum protection. If you consider the cost a bit higher, check their discount programs, like the Snapshot telematics program and Name Your Price Tool.

As one of the auto insurance masters West Palm Beach, Progressive offers special coverage for company drivers. You can choose rideshare coverage if you are a driver for a company like Uber. As a rideshare driver, you won’t get full coverage in the event of an accident. So, this option will help you obtain full protection when bad things happen.

5. Nationwide

Nationwide is the most costly insurance on the list if you consider the average of full and minimum coverage only. If you have teens and need to protect their cars, however, this insurance is the best as it provides a much cheaper premium compared to the cheapest insurance on the list: GEICO. How so?

The annual cost for female teens is $4,879 and $5,495 for male teens. Meanwhile, GEICO’s annual cost for female teens is $6,002 and $6,075 for male teens. Noteworthy is that the cost only applies to teens ages 16 to 18. For those older than 19 years old, Nationwide offer different cost and is still the cheapest on the list.

Tips for Choosing the Cheapest Auto Insurance in West Palm Beach

Auto Insurance

Choosing the cheapest auto insurance masters West Palm Beach should be easy with the provided explanation. However, you should keep in mind that affordability and quality are priorities. Thus, the following tips will help guide you.

1. Comparing

Each company has its unique coverage options and different rates. While finding the most affordable rates is crucial, you must consider their coverage options and strengths.

If you want to cover your kid’s auto, choosing GEICO as your insurer won’t be an option despite their cheapest average cost. Likewise, rideshare drivers are highly recommended to consider Progressive, while high-risk drivers and those with military backgrounds may choose GEICO to get their special offerings.

2. Safety First

GEICO is the star on the list. This makes choosing a company other than GEICO seem like a loss. But, you can ask for a better price from any company you like with a proven safe driving record.

If you or all people mentioned in your insurance maintain a clean auto driving record and are free from accidents, you can save money on your premiums. Any company you choose will happily offer additional discounts for being good drivers.

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