The List of Companies Offering Cheap, Full-Coverage Auto Insurance in Ohio

Auto insurance is a great solution to protect against the risk of an accident or unexpected damage to your car. Also, there are several reasons that make this insurance important to have. First, repairing a damaged car can definitely be so costly. Not only that, but auto insurance can also cover the cost of losing your car caused by theft. Thus, the risk borne by the vehicle owner will be lighter.

However, finding full coverage insurance at a low price is not easy. For this reason, we’ve gathered information about some cheap full coverage auto insurance in Ohio so that you can take advantage of it. 

Auto Insurance Coverage

1. Nationwide

Our first recommendation for cheap full coverage auto insurance in Ohio comes from Nationwide. For a full coverage policy with Nationwide, you must pay about $257 more than their minimum coverage. So, for full coverage insurance by Nationwide, the annual fee is $484 or around $40 for the monthly contribution. However, that’s reasonable because a full-coverage car insurance policy can provide advantages such as financial protection for both on-road and off-road damages.

2. American Family

The next full-coverage car insurance product to consider is American Family. To preserve money on your auto policy, American Family provides a variety of discounts for you to take advantage of. These deals include the typical ones most auto insurers offer, such as bundling, multiple cars, safe driving, pay-in-full, paperless, defensive driving, and airbag discounts. Plus, you may also be qualified to get an anti-theft system discount. The annual fee for a full coverage insurance policy with American Family is $492, while the monthly contribution is around $41.

3. Grange Insurance

Grange Insurance holds the fourth position in terms of auto insurance coverage cost. They offer a minimum coverage cost of $270 per year or $23 monthly. Additionally, their full coverage policy costs around $588 per year or $49 per month. Grange Insurance also offers its customers several competitive discounts, particularly for auto insurance. 

For instance, newly separated or divorced customers can apply for new beginning discounts. Besides that, young operators added to an existing Grange Insurance policy can benefit from the renewal discount. These discounts are among the most significant benefits of choosing Grange Insurance.

4. Erie

Another cheap full coverage auto insurance in Ohio is Erie. One benefit of this insurance is that it provides reasonable policies for individuals with previous violations or young drivers. The yearly expense for full coverage insurance from Erie is $597, or $50 per month. On the other hand, minimum insurance coverage costs around $228 yearly.


Let’s take a look at GEICO. They offer a full coverage insurance policy for $645 per year or $54 per month. Moreover, GEICO is so popular and affordable because they only sell policies directly on their website, which enables them to decrease dealership costs. Another exciting piece of information about GEICO’s car insurance is that discounts are available for students with satisfactory grades and drivers who have finished a defensive driving course.

6. Cincinnati Insurance

For another cheap full coverage auto insurance in Ohio, you need to consider Cincinnati Insurance. This company offers a full coverage policy at an annual cost of $837, around $70 per month. Alternatively, they provide a minimum coverage package of $389 per year or $32 per month. Also, one of the benefits of choosing this insurance is due to their additional coverages, like lock replacement and trip interruption, which other insurers only sometimes provide.

7. Travelers

The next contender on this list is Travelers. This company offers an annual full-coverage car insurance cost worth $850. If calculated per month, the price is $71. Then for the minimum coverage package, the price is $392 per year, estimated at around $33 per month. 

Some of the advantages of this insurer include the availability of unique discounts for homeowners, hybrid vehicles, and new vehicles. Their insurance services can also be accessed in up to 31 states and provide add-on coverages such as accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, and gap insurance.

8. Westfield

You must also consider Westfield as another cheap full coverage auto insurance in Ohio that offers great services. If you opt for the full coverage policy, the annual cost will be $913 or $76 monthly. On the other hand, if you decide to go with the Westfield minimum coverage car insurance, the annual cost will be $332 or $28 per month. 

What sets this insurance company apart is its family discounts, which include a discount for teen drivers in your household. Furthermore, collision experts have given this company high marks for its collision claim procedure.

9. Auto-Owners Insurance Co

The ninth place is occupied by Auto-Owners Insurance Co., which offers full coverage car insurance at an annual cost of approximately $1,152. Although it is more expensive than the previous eight listings, this car insurance is still considered affordable, with a monthly fee of $96 for the full coverage policy. 

Customers can also take advantage of discounts for good students, students away at school, or teen driver monitoring services. Besides, there are several extra coverage add-ons available to increase your protection. For example, the “Additional Expense” program can cover hotel and food costs if you are involved in an accident far from home.

10. State Farm 

For the last cheap full coverage auto insurance in Ohio to be recommended, there is the State Farm. State Farm is a reputable insurance provider operating across the United States. They are one of the largest auto insurance companies in 33 states and also become the biggest homeowner’s insurance company in 39 states. 

State Farm offers a minimum coverage policy for car insurance of around $417 per year and an annual full-coverage policy for $1,045. Besides, they also offer various discounts, including the driver training discount, good student discount, good driver discount, multi-car discount, passive restraint discount, and more.

That’s all the information regarding companies that offer cheap full coverage auto insurance in Ohio. Hopefully, it can be a great help to you in finding the most suitable insurance provider. Remember that each auto insurance has its own benefits, so always choose wisely according to your needs.

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