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Types of car insurance coverage can vary, depending on the company that provides it. Therefore, choosing the right car insurance based on your needs is a priority. Then, what about insurance auto salvage San Antonio Texas? Is it available? To be sure about that, check out the following review!

What Actually Is A Salvage Title Car?

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Before going into the main topic, the insurance auto salvage San Antonio Texas, let’s first clarify what salvage title cars actually are and other points that will make this review more insightful for you. So, basically, salvage titles are awarded to cars that, according to the insurance company, suffer a total loss after being involved in an accident. 

The car can also receive that certificate if the damage cost for its part exceeds its pre-damage value. Then, how does the insurance company determine if a car is totally damaged or not? To calculate it, there are several aspects that are usually seen by states and insurers:

  • The car damage was so severe that repairing it was no longer feasible.
  • The damage already reaches 60-90% of the car’s value.
  • The car was stolen and still not found after going through a search for a certain period of time.

Different Categories of Salvage Titles in Texas

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Now that we know what salvage titles mean for a car, let’s dig further, specifically about the different categories of salvage titles in Texas. This is because each state certainly has its own policies, which may differ from one another. 

Then, look at the different categories of salvage titles in Texas below.

  • The owner retained: This occurs if the insurance company considers that the car has suffered a total loss, but the owner still wants to keep possessing the vehicle.
  • Fire damage
  • Damage or not specified: This certificate can be issued for a vehicle that has been damaged or for a car that the insurance company took possession of during the repair of the damage.
  • The reason other than damage: This title can also be given to abandoned cars towed by law enforcement and never reclaimed.
  • Stolen: If a car is stolen and cannot be found within a certain amount of time, it will earn this title regardless of its condition.

Can A Salvage Title Car Be Insured?

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Of course, this question is something that makes everyone curious. The fact is, you can’t get insurance for a salvage title car. That’s because the vehicle was deemed unfit for the road. What you can do if you are in this condition is restore the car. After that, you can insure the vehicle again, which will be branded as Rebuilt Salvage. 

However, to be able to insure Rebuilt Salvage, you need to pass a series of inspections carried out by the state; until it is finally said that the car is roadworthy again. Furthermore, insurance options for rebuilt title cars can be difficult to find. This means that their availability may be very limited. 

The reason is some insurance providers refuse to cover title cars that are salvaged or rebuilt. Still, it should be noted that although most insurers are reluctant to offer a full coverage policy, getting comprehensive and collision coverage is possible.

Steps to Get an Insurance Auto Salvage San Antonio Texas

It cannot be denied that insuring a car with a salvage or rebuilt title is indeed difficult. However, you can try the following method to simplify the process of getting insurance auto salvage San Antonio Texas. 

1. Get the rebuilt title first

As previously discussed, insurance companies refuse to provide insurance policies for salvage title cars. However, they may still be willing to give it up for a rebuilt title. So, make sure you restore your car first to make it able to get the rebuilt title.

2. Get a statement from a certified mechanic

Even though you have a rebuilt title, you can still fail to insure your car. Because to get that title, you also need to pass a series of inspections. Thus, obtaining a secondary inspection performed by a certified mechanic is very important. That way, you will get a statement that is more trusted by insurance companies.

3. Find out what coverage options are available to you

Of course, you will get a few options when buying insurance for a car with a rebuilt salvage title. In fact, some providers completely refuse to cover cars with that title. Therefore, it’s a good idea to determine which companies provide insurance for cars with salvage or rebuilt titles.

4. Try to compare quotes

The next step is to compare quotes from at least three or four car insurance providers. In this way, you can find the best policies available to you.

List of Companies Providing Insurance Auto Salvage San Antonio Texas

Finding insurance auto salvage San Antonio Texas may not be easy, but it’s not impossible too. You just need to find out which insurance providers offer coverage for cars with salvage or rebuilt titles.

Here are some recommendations for auto insurance companies that may provide the coverage you need:

  • GEICO (this company offers full coverage insurance for rebuilt salvage titles, but that will require additional inspection, which is quite complex)
  • StateFarm
  • Allstate
  • Progressive (this company offers full coverage insurance for rebuilt salvage, but only for specific vehicle models)
  • Farmers
  • MetLife (this insurance company provides liability-only insurance options)

Even though all of the insurers above provide insurance for salvage or rebuilt title cars, you still have to meet their requirements in order to be able to purchase this coverage policy. Another aspect to consider, especially when you want to insure a car with a rebuilt salvage title, is that insurance premiums for this type of car are usually more expensive than those with a clean one. 

This is because insurance providers assume that people with rebuilt salvage title cars are likely to file claims. Besides, most insurers don’t offer coverage for these car titles, so competition for this type of insurance is not competitive. So, it actually allows them to charge higher rates, with insurance policy costs often increasing by up to 20%.

On the other hand, you will also find policy limitations for these types of coverage. Thus, don’t be afraid to take some time to compare quotations, so you can find the policy that truly suits your condition.

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