Guide to Get the Best Insurance Quote for 17-year-old

Getting a 17-year-old car insurance quote is a different challenge. Unlike adult drivers, a 17-year-old is considered high risk, making the struggle to find coverage even more difficult. However, you can still find a way to get them car insurance without compromising the coverage quality.

Why 17-year-old Drivers Are High Risk?

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17-year-old drivers (and their closest age groups) are considered high risk based on statistics. According to a CDC report on teen drivers and passengers, teenagers aged 16 to 19 have the highest rate of death compared to drivers of other ages. The fatal crash rate is three times bigger than drivers in their 20s.  

There are also other risk factors that increase the rate of 17-year-old car insurance quotes. For example, male teen drivers tend to have three times higher death rate compared to female teens in crashes. Teens who just got their new license also tend to have the highest crashing risk, especially the early months.

Some possible causes of the high crashing rate among teen drivers include:

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving contributes to a lot of accidents among teen drivers. It can happen because of the use of cellphones in the car, or talking with friends without paying attention to the road.

2. Immature or Impulsive Decisions

Many risky situations on the road require patience and good decision-making skills. Teen drivers tend to be more impatient and impulsive, resulting in greater risks of crashing or other auto accidents.

3. First-time Nervousness

Teen drivers who just got their licenses are, understandably, more nervous when driving on the actual road. This can lead to crashes and other types of accidents because panic overtakes their logical thinking.

4. Forgetting Seatbelts and Other Safety Measures

Teen drivers, especially new ones, often forget to implement safety measures such as seatbelts. This can be because they forget, or not yet turning them into a habit.

5. Social Pressure and Bragging

Many teen drivers drive carelessly because of social pressure from friends or wanting to brag. These attitudes can cause accidents and collisions more easily than more restrained adult drivers. 

Insurance Types Available for 17-year-olds

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17-year-old car insurance quote is similar to policies for older drivers. The most recommended types of coverage for a teen driver usually consist of bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

The first one is usually required by the state and covers the injuries of another person in an accident caused by the driver. The other covers any property damage caused directly by the driver. This policy also applies to other drivers who are insured under the same policy.

If a parent or guardian wants to make the teen driver’s coverage more comprehensive, consider add-ons to save money without compromising protection. Popular insurance add-ons for teen drivers include medical payments, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement.

However, if the car is on loan, you better take comprehensive coverage. This type of coverage pays for damages and repairs happening outside traffic collisions, such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disaster.

How to Get the Best Quotes for 17-year-old Drivers

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While 17-year-old car insurance quotes can be expensive, you can shop around to find quotes for decent coverage without paying too much. Here are some tips to find the best quotes for teen drivers:

1. Add a Secondary Experienced Driver

Adding a more experienced driver as the secondary one under the teen’s policy can give lower quotes. This driver increases safety level by reducing the frequencies of driving for the teen. However, make sure this experienced driver stays secondary instead of the primary one.

Why? If you get car insurance for a teenager, yet adding an older person as the primary driver, it is considered an illegal practice called “fronting”.

2. Buy Smaller, Cheaper Car

Avoid splurging on a teen driver’s first car. Buy a car from an older model with a smaller engine, or choose a secondhand one. This type of car can give you a cheaper quote when you are looking for insurance for a 17-year-old driver.

3. Add the Young Driver into Family Policy

If you have a family policy, the best way to get a cheap quote is by adding the 17-year-old into it. Every driver under this policy will get the same amount of protection, and you can avoid high rates from separate car insurance policies.

4. Find Student-only Discounts

Some 17-year-old car insurance quotes offer special discounts for students. For example, there is a type of discount given to students with good grades. You can also get discounts by signing the teen to a driving course with certification.

5. Install Blackbox Technology

Blackbox technology in the car helps detect driving behaviors through activities such as braking and accelerating. You can install it through an app or physically on the car. This tool can help lowering the quotes and risky driving behaviors.

Common Mistakes when Shopping for Car Insurance

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Every parent wants the most cost-efficient 17-year-old car insurance quotes. However, there are some actions that may seem harmless, yet can make the quotes increase. Here are common mistakes you must avoid when looking for car insurance for a teen driver.

1. Not Having Designated Parking Space

Make sure the teen driver has a designated parking space when you get them a car. The safer the parking space, the lower the quote you can get. Even if there is no fancy garage at home, a proper parking space within the property, complete with a shade and fence, can have a positive impact on the quotes.

2. Modifying Car

If possible, keep modifications off the car, at least until you secure a good policy for the teen driver. Modifications increase the risk factor because they attract theft and are harder to replace.

3. Having Too High Voluntary Excess

Excess payment usually comes in two forms: involuntary and voluntary. The involuntary one is mandatory and follows the standard of each state. However, you can choose your own numbers for voluntary excess. Make sure to not pick the amount that you are unable to pay. Even if you get lower quotes as a result, this large amount of voluntary excess could be a new financial burden.

Shopping for 17-year-old car insurance quotes can be expensive, but it does not mean you cannot have a shopping strategy to save money. Try following this guide before you purchase the first car for a teen driver.

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