Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts and What You Need To Know

Auto insurance rates are affected by – not one, not two, but – multiple factors. The place where you live, like Massachusetts, is only one of them. And it is funny that gender and age are also considered factors affecting insurance costs. Here, we will talk about auto insurance rates in Massachusetts.

The average insurance rate in Massachusetts is $1,262 per year for full coverage. It is about 37 percent cheaper than the national average cost of $2,014 annually. Meanwhile, the average insurance rate for minimum coverage is $429 per year. It is about 31 percent cheaper than the national average cost of $622 annually.

That said, we now move on to auto insurance rate variations based on factors affecting them, like marital status and gender. Read to know how much your estimated auto insurance rates are based on the following categories.

Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts by Categories

Auto Insurance Rates

The following categories are selected by factors commonly used in insurance rating. 

Insurance Rate by Age

Age is one factor that, by the state’s law, should not be used by insurers to determine insurance rates. But this category can be used to determine years of driving experience by age.

Considering age as one factor affecting rates exists because driving requires maturity. Although some states regulate drivers to be at least 16, they are still considered immature. Therefore, the insurance company will use this to determine whether the policyholder is a high-risk or low-risk driver.

The average insurance rate for a 16-year-old driver is $5,046 annually. Meanwhile, it is just $1,030 per year for a 50-year-old driver in the state.

Insurance Rate by Gender

The other thing that is taboo to be used as a rating factor in Massachusetts is gender. Some companies use this information in rating, although it does not significantly affect the rating. On average, female and male drivers should pay around $1,150 annually.

Insurance Rate by Marital Status

Besides gender and age, the state bans marital status from being included as one of the rating factors. In other states, meanwhile, this is a factor that affects insurance. A married person will get cheaper insurance because married drivers are considered low-risk.

In other states, marital status means a reduced cost of up to $100. It is divided into four statuses, single, married, divorced, and widowed. While this prohibition won’t be a reason for a single driver to marry, it’s worth noting that Massachusetts’s average auto insurance rates are cheaper than most other states.

Insurance Rate by City

In America, all insurance costs are varied by state. But, in every state, the costs are also varied by city. Every city has different driving characteristics. Factors affecting the costs include driving patterns, cost of car repairs, rates of theft and vandalism, and claims frequency.

If you live in Lowell, you likely get 10% higher insurance rates compared to the average annual costs in the state. In Newton, meanwhile, drivers will get four percent cheaper insurance rates which are the cheapest in the state.

Insurance Rate by Credit Score

Insurance companies use credit scores to determine the driver’s risk level. A high credit score indicates that the driver is categorized as safer than those with a low credit score. Safer drivers will be less likely to file claims. Thus, they will get cheaper rates.

In Massachusetts, however, the credit score doesn’t matter as the state prohibits auto insurers from using this as a rating factor. So, the average auto insurance rate in the state remains at $1,150.

Insurance Rate by Coverage Level

Your insurance rate will also depend on your coverage level. A liability-only policy is generally cheaper than full coverage. For example, a 100/300/100 liability-only policy costs $716 annually, while full coverage in the same 100/300/100 setting costs $1,330 annually.

Insurance Rate for High-Risk Drivers

You are considered a low-risk driver if you have a clean driving report and haven’t made any claims in the past three years. Hence your insurance rate will be low. The more violations made, the more costly the insurance rate gets.

While the average insurance rate in the state is $1,150 per year, the first at-fault collision will charge an additional $678.18. For the most serious driving offense, the value changes to $1,091.50.

How Driving Record Impacts Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

Auto Insurance Rates

Driving record is one of the factors affecting insurance rates. But in what way it impacts the rate? Insurers will surcharge drivers with multiple traffic offenses records, like speeding tickets or DUI. The company uses the extra cost to cover the claims against the driver’s insurance.

A speeding ticket will raise 32 percent of the average rate in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, at-fault accidents and DUI convictions will rise 68 and 90 percent, respectively. The percentage is estimated based on one event only. Multiple events will raise more than that.

Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

While auto insurance in Massachusetts is cheaper than in many other states, you may still want to look for ways to save some money from it. You are right. Below are ways to help you save some money in your bank account.

Review Your Annual Mileage

For those who will drive a newly-bought car are lucky. You may get cheaper auto insurance for a car that runs less than 11,500 miles, which is the national average annual mileage.

Believe it or not, some companies offer insurance rates cheaper than commuter rates for low mileage. You can even try pay-per-mile car insurance for a cheaper deal if you work from home and prefer public to personal transportation.

Check All Discounts

The best deals always hide somewhere. Ask for all discount opportunities in every insurance company you visit. You may get lucky with a professional or student discount.

Use Driving Habits Test

There is a program that monitors driving habits which is then converted into a reward. If you believe you are a good driver, find a company that offers this program to save some money and help you gain a clean driving record that is useful in the future.

Shop Around

Whether or not you are in a hurry, always request quotes from multiple companies. Comparing auto insurance rates in Massachusetts will help you select an insurance company that suits you.

Taking a long time to get the best insurer can keep you away from disappointment and a heavy burden.

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